Everyone Deserves Music

Bomb The World
You can chase down all your enemies
bring them to their knees
you can bomb the world to pieces
but you can't bomb it into peace

608 Gallery

Treasure Mtn. Inn (255 Main St.) ~*6pm Film Screening *~ Park City, UT

Main St. Mall, 333 Main St., 2nd FLR. (4pm Franti Acoustic) Park City, UT

SUEDE (11pm-FRANTI sit in w/ Bernie Worrell, Wil Calhoun & Doug Winbush...JAM!) PARK CITY, UT

Moonlight Festival Perth, AU

Manning Bar (Franti Acoustic) Sydney, AU

Manning Bar (Franti Acoustic) Sydney, AU

Prince of Wales (Franti Acoustic) Melbourne, AU

Sidney Myer Music Bowl (MEL INT'L MUSIC & BLUES FEST) Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Sidney Myer Music Bowl (MEL INT'L MUSIC & BLUES FEST) Melbourne, Australia

Globally people are starting to realise `I paid $150 dollars for these shoes, the person who made them got 17 cents, where did all the money go?'
VFW Hall, Pt Arena, Mendicino, CA
As we came in from the years final self-cleansing, we found it very ironic that the whole Hall was beautifully decorated like a mystical underwater world. The walls were all covered in different shades of blue, shinny, cloth drappings and hand-crafted, boutique, seascape tapestries. Hanging from the ceiling was a 30 foot(tenticale to tenticale) clear octopus which was lit up from the inside by a string of colored christmas lights. A small school of blinking jellyfish also surrounded the gaint octopus. BIG-UPS to all the folks who helped create the incredible vibe!!!!!!!!
The ambiance of the room was complimented best by the delicious organic meal. Locally caught salmon, fresh mesculine greens, black beans and rice and cornbread. Thanks to all the people who cooked and served all the food!!!!!After sharing food and conversation with new and old friends, D.J.Folklore (Josh) helped us digest by spinning us right into the openning local band, Dysfuntional Spieces. D.S. got everyone warmed-up and loose as D.J. Folklore eased them out of there set and then kept the vibes alive while One-A and the rest of the spearhead crew set-up for S.H.'s new years set.
About 10:20pm the lights went down, the smoke rose and the octopus lit up. Papa Pretty(tour manager) took the stage just long enough to announce Spearrrrrrrr Headddddddddd!!!!!!!!and they ripped into the beginning of the set.


Vetern's Hall- Grass Valley, CA. (Electric Show)
Jam packed show!!!!!!!! After such a great Acoustic set I thought it would be hard to match the energy but I think the first set just help to loosen the boyz up for things to come! It's good to see the guys just let it flow, improvise and see what happens next:)


Veteran's Hall- Grass Valley, CA.(Acoustic Show)
Papa Pretty introduced them as the rebel Michael Franti. First Acoustic set since the "Baobab" days. The band all sat down next to each other "MTV unplugged" style. First time they played, "Never To Late" and "Love Why Did You Have To Go Away". Played a full electric set after the acoustic show. Show was rebroadcasted on KVMR Tues. June 4th


Reggae On The River
After a brief update from her travels in South America, Julia Butterfly recited a poem that she wrote earlier in the day. Next followed a recorded message from Mumia Abu Jamal to the graduating class of '02 and everyone else. The the Boyz slided into Love Invinsible then looked alittle confused before slamming into Soulshine. People In The Middle was very bass heavy and Carl proved it when he broke a string and Radio had to beatbox the bass line for abit until Carl grabbed his other bass and finished up the song. They then rolled into a pretty standard Every Single Soul into Stay Human. Stay Human was strong and included an appearence from a handload of freaky people with 15 ft. puppets, stiltwalkers, firedancers and other assorted costumed freaks. Never Too Late was next and is sounding very good with it's progression and Michael singing "whoa-o whao-o-o, Whao-o Whao-o-o" and the band and crowd calling back! From there Carl and the band chimed in with the riff for Everyone Deserves Music. Not long after, Carl once again had problems with his equipment, this time his amp. They got the problem worked out and he was good to go for the rest of the night! Next came the highlight of the night for me, the long awaited U.S. debute of What I Be and Pray For Grace which were performed perfectly. They almost sounded like they had been playing those songs for years! And if that wasn't good enough, the dropped a bomb on us with another new strong, rocking ballad type song called "Love Why Did You Have To Go". Feelin' Free followed with the guys getting very dubby and reggaeish with it. After a very short breather, Radio entertained everyone with his Panflute and beatbox intro before leading the band into Rock The Nation to finish the set very powerfully. The M.C. got the crowd up for more and the guyz came back out for Bomb The World and, of course, Sometimes which featured another appearance from the freaky people and a couple members from Bongo Maffin. Overall a pretty tight show!!!!!


The Seven Fiddler's Green Ampitheatre Englewood, Colorado

The day started with the band members hanging out with the fans in the crowd enjoying the beuatiful sounds of Angelique Kidjo. The band got a late start but it didn't matter much because not too many people where in the venue yet. Michael speaks out and tell everyone that the guyz had to get up at 4:30am to catch thier flight to get to Colorado for the show. They openned with Everyone Deserves Music as Carl really thumped out the bass line torwards the end of the song. A pretty standard Soulshine that flowed into a reggae version of People In The Middle with Radio laying down some fat scratching and beatboxing over the lyrics. After a very short breather, the guys went into Every Single Soul with Leon Mobley from Ben Harper's group on conga. There was a short pause before going into Stay Human with Leon still hang around and Questlove from The Rootson an exrta drum kit next to Manas.
Michael then takes a moment to talk about a girl he was talking with earlier that day who said she was going through alot of changes lately. Michael sees her all the way in the far end of the venue and says hi to her as he says that we are all going through some tough times right now like the Widespread Panic fans that where mourning the lost of Mikey Houser, thier guitarist that passed away last weekend. He dedicates the next song, Never Too Late, to all those folks going through some changes right now! kevin then chimed in with a long note as dave played the rolling guitar riffof my new personal favorite, What I Be. The bass groove flowed out of the bridge and into the tranision for another fairly new one called Pray For Grace. Love Why Did You Have To Go was next and was sounding pretty solid! Radio then panfluted and beatboxed abit before going into Rock the Nation with Radio starting off the song with his rap verse from the song. Next, Michael did his impression of George W. Bush before playing Bomb The World on his acoustic guitar.
Michael took one more minute to tell folks about the Power to The Peaceful rally in San Francisco, Ca. before asking Dave for some guitar to finish the show off with Sometimes, which featured Leon again and Tony from Angelique Kidjo's band. Overall a pretty fun day! B+


Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA

This was the first stop on our 3 show Spearhead tour.
The Mystic is a very small venue. It is basically an old movie theater. The Band came on at 10pm after the opening act: The Peak Show Bob Crawford was sitting in for Kevin Choice.
The first set was awesome, the sound was loud and for a sold out show there was plenty of room to dance. At the end of people in the middle someone thew up a crown made of sticks and flowers Michael let his hair down and put it on. He kinda looked like a Rasta Jesus :-) People were also throwing stuffed animals on stage. Radio would name them. Beatrice, Bubba and so on. The set was totally high energy. Stay Human rocked with lots of solos and an appearence by the freaky green goblin! Terry Hegerity of Sons of Champlain (Local Sonoma County Heros) also joined in with a solo. The hightlight of the first set was the new treatment of In The Light. No one could believe it was the same song as we heard earlier this year! It was nice to see the new songs What I Be and Pray For Grace. We liked them alot and it seemed like the crowd did too.
Radio brought out a little pan-flute and then rocked the house with Rock The Nation. The whole place was jumpin'!

The second set was a little slower, but I was so jazzed to hear Dream Team! I always miss that song. Yes I will was very nice as was Feeling Free. The show ended with Sometimes got everybody dancing even more. Terry came back out for another solo. It was a lot of fun. We had so much energy we were glad that the show in Hopland the next day starts at 3pm Didn't get to sleep til 3:30am. Spearhead in the Area!

All in all an excellent show.

Review by The Sparkles

Sol Fest, Hopland CA
Michael Franti and Dave Shul

This show was 50 mins in the small town of Hopland, CA If you blink driving on 101 you would miss it. Hopand has 3 stores in its downtown. A solar store, A grow-light store, and a brewerey!
This was the anual Solar Living Festival. A chance for us all to learn about clean power and enjoy some great music.

It was supposed to be Michael only, we were so happy to see Dave too!
There were probably 200-300 people under a tent and a sloar powered stage! Michael started with Everyone Deserves Music. We love this song and to hear it acoustic was a treat! Michael and Dave sounded great together. Yes I Will had the crowd moving around. Very inspirational! I think the high light was Never Too Late. Everyone grabbing their friends having a good time. We heard the new version of In The Light again. It sounds just as good/maybe even better acoustic! The real treat came with Sometimes. We kind of expected the slow version. We were blown away when Dave cranked up the volume and we heard the familiar "guitar man, give us some guitar!" It was so much fun, rocking out without the rest of the band. Michael changed the lyrics at the end to "Sunshine" in honor of the Solar vibe of the day!

It was a short set but super sweet. We would see Michael and Dave by themselves any day!! I still missed Carl, Radio and Mannas but you can't have it all.
This was a real treat for anyone who got to catch it.

Review by The Sparkles

Chico State University, Chico, CA
This was a super fun show! We pulled into town and stopped for a bite to eat. Over the PA in the restaurant we hear "Order Up for Radio". We glance over and see Radioactive grabbin' some chow before the gig. We knew that was a good omen. Heck Radio seemed to be all over. He was even spotted doing some beat-box and freestyle outside the venue.
It was the first day of classes at Chico, and was a much younger crowd then we saw at Petaluma. Michael would joke that every day in college is going to be just like tonight!
Everyone Deserves Music and People in the Middle rocked. Sounded alot like we heard in Petaluma. We were super happy to hear Runfayalife. Carl sounded great with the no, no, no's Hel, Carl sounded great all night. His bass was so fat and funky. His solos blew us away! Stay Human was full of solos and lots of fun. We were also glad to hear "Of Course You Can" One of our favorite Spearhead numbers. Radio kicked in What Happens Next. Never Too late had everyone huggin' their friends and dancing together.
Once again we were treated to the new songs What I Be and Pray for Grace. They just sound Better and Better! In The Light with its new arrangement had many people stumped. It took a while for them to go "wow, that sounds totally different!" Soulshine is always a favorite and was beautifully done. Radio was on all night. Doing an extended solo complete with his Pan-Flute gadget. He kept the place jumping all night! Rock the Nation closed the set. It was good, but did not rock as much as the one in Petaluma.
The Encores were really a second set. Feeling Free' was our favorite part of the encores. Everyone joined hands in a big love trained that lasted forever! So much good energy. Bomb The world was next. Michael told everyone about the upcoming 9-11 Festiveal. Sometimes closed the night and had us all dancing once again.

THis was a magical show. From start to finish. I got the chance to go backstage an meet the band, so that may cloud my objectivity of the night! So many wonderful people! Such a wonderful show.

Thanks to everyone ( Michael, Dave, Carl, Mannas, Radio, Bob, Papa Pretty, Dan, Laurie, Tige, and Gina ... We are forgetting some I know) who made our mini 3 show tour a truly magical experience! We'll see you In The Light.

Stay Human

Matt and Jennifer (the sparkles)
Review by The Sparkles (spearits@loveisdashit.com)
Humbolt State University- Kate Buchanan Hall, Arcata, CaA
The sold out show in a new venue got started about 15-25 mins. late(Spearhead time) but to a jam packed, hyped crowd. Many people who didn't get tickets in time where outside the door to the venue dancin' just as hard as if they were in the show. The band cracked right into an unusaul openner, Every Single Soul. A good one to get Bob's(who is sitting in on keys this tour) fingers warmed up and in the groove for the night ahead! Didn't miss a beat going right into What Happens Next, with Radio and Bob playing off each other nicely.
After a breif pause, Carl started laying down the thick reggae bass line for People in the Middle which stoked the crowd aswell as many fine smelling cigarettes! Caught a quick breathe before jumping back into the groove with Runfayalife with Carl dropping bass into the Skintight Jam and Radio flowin' some freestyles for the new incoming class of freshmen. A descent transition into Stay Human. The Dave and Carl had a chance to showcase some new toys(guitar and bass effects pedals) that they have recently purchased and boy was it worth the money by the sounds of it! Really giving them a fuller, more professional, bigger sound. Good Things To Come I'm Sure!!!
Michael then takes time to speak with the crowd of students and tells how he enjoyed the day kickin' the soccerball around and then going over tothe gym to shoot some hoops. He goes on to say that Radio found a nice patch of grass, in a bag, and layed down and enjoyed his day! Then he asks if there is anyone here that had thier first day of college today. "Well, everyday of school is like this" Michael jokes. Then Dave starts in with the acoustic guitar line for the new fan favorite Never Too Late. Torwards the end of the song, Michael stops evreyone in the band except Manas on drums and gets the boom-boom-bap, boom-boom-bap rythm from Oueen's "We Will Rock You" going with two stomps from his feet and a clap. The band joins back in to end the song gently with the verse, "Hold to your children, let them know."
Michael grabs his guitar and starts up Feelin' Free which is slowly becoming a long jammed out song with verse from other songs such as "Love Train" and "Exodus" incorperated within. Another short breather and than back into Michael leading of Everyone Deserves Music. Dave really sounding nice adding his little fills and melodies on the electric guitar throughout the song. Michael says, "bring on the drums" as Carl thumps the bass line to What I Be. The crowd erupts as Michael sings, "If I where the seeds, I would give birth to redwood trees". (being in redwood country and all) The transition into Pray for Grace was as smooth as a baby's bottom keep the crowd dancing hard. Manas drumrolls the band into Soulshine from there and then slows it down into another new song, In The Light. The new arrangement of this song and Dave's improving solos have really done it justise and promises to be another big hit! The band takes a break while Radio entertains everyone with his panflute, beatbox routine before the band gets back to Rock the Nation for the last song of the set! The bands leaves the stage for a couple of minutes before coming back out for an encore song or five! Dave slowly plays us back into the tunes with the openning riff to Love Invinsible. Yes I Will followed smoothly as Michael add a verse from Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shinning" at the end of the song. Michael takes a second to promote the 4th annual 911 Power to the Peaceful concert coming up in a week and then plays Bomb the World before asking Dave for some guitar to finish the night with Sometimes.


McDonald Theater, Eugene, Oregon
The day got started off with some coffee/tea/chai and special strawberries flavors for the band and crew compliments of Jeremy and Jeremy. The show wasn't quite sold out but it sure sounded like it was! The McDonald theater has great acoustics so the 1,100 people that where in there sounded like 3,000. The boys came out and opennned the show with Oh My God, sounding strong with Bob leading in on the key. The funky Love is da Shit followed and loosen up the kids for the high energy, What Happens Next. after a brief cool down, Carl rips into the reggae version of People In the Middle which gets the smell of Oregon's finest in the air. Bob then rolls us in to the slow piano melody of Every Single Soul. Towards the end of the song, after Dave's solo where Saul Williams had been reciting peotry during the sno-core tour, Michael decided to give it a try and blessed us with an old Beatnigs poem/song called, Nature. With great lyrics about people asking Mike if he loves nature so much than why does he live in the city. And he replies that people live in the city and people are his favorite part of nature. Back into Every Single Soul before transitioning into Stay Human. Once again the guys got the chance to display the new sounds from thier effects pedals newly aquired. After showing off a bit, they slowly transitioned into Do You Love. The crowd and the band took a quick breath as Dave began the acoustic riff for Never Too Late and the band shined on. They then brought it back up a notch with Dreamteam and then radio took the spotlight with his Panflute and Beatboxing solos leading up to the crowd hyper, Rock The Nation. They slowed things down again with the new power ballad, Love Why Did You Have To Go. This is another song that has come along way from the first version we heard awhlie back as with Everyone Deserves Music. Everyone Deserves Music has also openned it's self up to be another song that they can do alot with and have some epic jams in the future!
Yes I Will followed and was sounding pretty good in it's own right. Feelin' Free was jammed out for quite abit before closing the set with Soulshine to leave the crowd screaming, yelling and hooting for more in the extremly loud venue! After a 5min. break, the band returned to the stage as Dave played the openning chords for Love Invinsible. The guys then kicked into the new two song medely of What I Be into Pray For Grace for the first time as an encore. Dave really turned it on for the next song, In The Light. The guys have just reworked the song and if they play it half as well as they did this night on the album, they're sure to have a hit on the new album. I mean Dave Really shreds his solo up!!!!!!!!!!! Michael even takes a sec. to give Dave mad props for his solo before inviting everyone to the Power to the Peaceful concert next week.
Michael then picks up his acoustic and sings Bomb The World. Next, you guessed it, Sometimes but this time with a twist of Bob Marley's Running Away into a Radio Freestyle back into Marley's Crazy Baldheads after the Nirvana and Michael Jackson covers! Pretty Sweet Show


The Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon
After spending some R&R time and getting styled out at Fred and Wonder's garden of eden and meeting Radio's newborn baby, Voice, we headed down to the venue in downtown Portland. If you have never been to the Crystal Ballroom you are really missing out on one of the best smaller venues in the world. The place use to be an old ballroom dancing club equipped with a dancefloor with a spring reinforced cushioning underneath.
It's like dancing on a marshmellow matress, exspecially at a Spearhead show!!!! You could not keep from dancing even if you didn't want to. The venue also has really cool diferent paintings all around the place aswell. I think the show sold out but I'm not positive, it was comfortly packed either way!
The band came out with We Don't Mind and rocked it into Runfayalife. Radio rocked a freestyle as the band finished the song up and worked slowly into Every Single Soul. Michael recited the lyrics to the Beatnigs, Nature before going back into Every Single Soul. The transition was flawless into Stay Human and they really took time to show off with each members extended solos. Michael took it down a notch to do a acapella version of Skin On The Drum. Next, Radio brought his newborn baby up on stage with him in a sling while the band did a super heartfelt version of Never Too Late. Michael announced that it was Voice Milano's first Spearhead show as the band sang the final verse to the song "Hold To Your children, let them know". Little bit of a tearjerker but good to see that there is a next generation in our midst.
Back to the action, The phat groove to What I Be starts up and the crowd really gets pumpimg and moving on the bouncin' dancefloor. The places is really shaking by the time they merge into Pray For Grace. The boyz show no mercy as they continue on with Everyone Deserves Music keepin' the floor rollin' with everyone holding on for the ride. Feelin' Free gave everyone a chance to catch thier breath before funking it back up with Love Is Da Shit. What Happens Next flowed out of Love is da Shit and worked the crowd back into a frenzy.
The slower, In the Light was next with Dave ripping the solo as usual. Stepped it up a notch for Soulshine to end the set. After a minute or two, radio comes out and says,"SHHHH, My baby is sleeping" and then he went into his panflute and Beatboxing intro before the place went crazy to the pumping Rock The Nation. Michael and the guyz took it down a level and performed a flawless version of Love Why Did You Have To Go. The vibe continues on with the equally touching and inspirational, Yes I Will. Then Michael suprizes us with a short but sweet acoustic version of Anybody Seen My Mind.
Michael invites everyone to the 4th annual 911 Power to the Peaceful before he leads everyone singing, "We can bomb the world to pieces but we can't bomb it in to peace". Bomb the World finished up and the guyz ripped right into Sometimes which featured Marley's Running Away into Crazy Baldhead(No Radio reestyle) after the Nivrana and M. Jackson covers.


Zoophorus Festival-Whistler, Britsh Columbia
The boyz got off to a late start due to echnical difficulties but Radio came out as soon as things were ready to welcome the crowd and invite them to come closer to the stage to dance. Michaelthen grabbed his acoustic guitar to begin the days exspearience with Everyone Deserves Music. Michael had something in his throat and had to stop to clear it before going on sounding much better than before. As the band made it's transition into Soulshine, the sun followed with it's own transition from overcast to sunny and the crowd really started getting into the music!
They continued the vibe, wasting no time rolling into People In The Middle(Reggae Style) as the herb smoke started to rise in the open aired venue. Every Single Soul followed with Michael reciting the Beatnig's, Nature again towards the end before flowing right into a high energy, Stay Human. Radio and Carl did a killer duet, feeding off each other as they got the crowd rockin'. Michael and the guyz then turned B.C. onto one of thier new tunes, Never Too Late. The B.C. spearits seemed to like the new tune and where more than happy to help Mike and the band along with the "we will, we will, rock you" chant as they fooled around with the Queen classic. The reaction to the new songs was so good that the guyz pulled out two more to tease the crowd until the new album comes out with What I Be and Pray for Grace! A pretty solid but standard version which lead up to What Happens Next to step up the groove abit. After the quick workout that is What Happens Next, Michael takes a moment to acknowledge the beautiful venue and the wide arrange of weather being displayed, "We had some sunshine, wind and looks like we're gonna get some rain; There's still some snow left up there".Radio adds," I saw a nice patch of weed growing out there". Next, Michael slows things down again with Feelin' Free and Dave added some nice soulful licks throughout the verses and Radio freestylin' the crowd into a freny! The rain begins falling and the spearits in attendance just start dancing harder.
Radio follows Feelin' Free with a panflute beatbox intro including a beatbox cover of Metallica's "One", warming everyone up for Rock The Nation. A pretty strong Rock The Nation set the mood for another powerful new rock ballad type song called Love Why Did You Have To Go, which left many speechless. Michael takes another moment to invite everyone down to the Power To The Peaceful concert in Golden Gates Park and then begins playing Bomb The World.
Finally, Mike calls for the guitar man to give him some guitar as the Sometimes ritual gets jumpstarted. Michael brings up a security guard(Jake-o?) on stage to help sing a verse from Michael Jackson's Billy Jean before letting everyone know that, "Our love will always shine" and calling it a night (No Marley Jam, ran out of time). Michael is told, from a fan, that they were playing in the Spearhead Mountian range. A short set that was shorten even more because of the technical difficulties but still a solid show either way!!!!

Later That Night, Bob and Dave sat in with the Living Daylights and others that joined together at the Boot Pub, next to the Zoophorus venue, for an all-star improv jam which went to the break of dawn!


Speedway Meadows, Golden Gates Park-San Francisco, California 4th Annual 911 Power To The Peaceful Free Concert, Social Justice & Peace Rally
The day got started early (some earlier than others, Michael was there at 6:30am with the volenteers to make sure everything was going OK) with all sorts of people around setting up the stage, DJ tent, bike parking, art displays, food, activism and merch boothes and tables. Volenteers walked around with bright green shirts that said,"Ask Me" on them for people looking for information about the days events. Michael was seen helping out and doing interviews throughtout the day as the field was starting to look like a huge organic music and activism stadium. After a slight generator problem, the concert would hit it's last obstical and the show would start about an hour late. Everyone's set would get cut short alittle but it wasn't just about the music today. This day would be about learning, sharing, talking, having fun and uniting! After Amy Goodman spoke, we heard from Sat Santokh and then Mumia Abu Jamal via tape recorder. From there it was all up to the boys to give the crowd of 15,000-20,000 people exactly what they had been waiting for.
Michael lead the band into Everyone Deserves Music ending the song with, "Even all my friends out here in Golden Gates Park, you all deserve music"!! Carl counted the guyz into People In The Middle reggae style. The sound by this time was dialed in perfectly by Tige, Spearhead's soundwomen, and the band didn't miss a beat going right into Stay Human.
Being in S.F. you know the freaks come out in the day and by the first verse there were huge puppets, people dressed up supa freaky and stilt walkers surrounding the front of the stage getting the crowd hyped and bouncin'. Karl Denson was in town playing two nights at the Fillmore and stopped by just in time to hop on stage and rock out with the band. Next, the guyz would take it down a notch with the new song, Never Too Late which had the whole crowd singing. Radio took over for a minute with his panflute and beatboxing as he then leads 15,000 to 20,000 arms swaying back and forth to the force of Rock the Nation.
What a site to see that many people all acting as one even if it was just arms swaying back and forth. Once the freny subsided from Rock The Nation, Michael speaks for a moment about it being so nice to look into the eyes of so many other people today that believe that peace is not only the absense of war but the presence of justice! And then he said today is a day that we come together to say that we should not be engaging in a war on terrorism, we should be engaging in a war on militarism!! Michael then starts to play Bomb the World than stops and puts down his guitar because it was out of tune and sings acapella the rest of the verse while clapping. Dave joins in on electric guitar for the chorus as Michael gets the whole crowd of 20,000 clapping while he sings the chorus. The claps of the huge crowd echoed throughout the park and it was quite eire yet powerful to here that kind of unity! Michael big ups everyone for thier articipation, thanks Anthony for the flower arrangement he provided for the stage and then He goes on to say that Anthony brought 300 roses for the band to pass out but they want everyone to enjoy one for a minute and then pass it on so people all the way in the back can enjoy them aswell! He thanks KPFA 94.1fm and even the cops.
Michael lets everyone know that when they planned the event, everyone picked a job and Mike picked recycling. So he brought out a bunch plastic bags and passed them out and said that he wanted to leave this place leanner than when they found it and not to leave even a cigarette butt laying around. Michael goes on to say, "but right now we are gonna rock you". Dave then proceeds to start playing the openning riff to Sometimes. Karl Denson comes back out to join the band as they rock everyone out one last time beforecalling it a day. The event was a huge success and hopefully tomorrow's social forum exploring, social and human rights issues at the New College would be just as successful!


32 Blue, Colorado Springs, Colorado
The band and crew were treated to a nice day (compliments of Adam the promoter) of relaxation with a little whale watching and kayaking before the show. Yet another sold out show on the tour even though the venue only held about 300 people and it was the last show of the tour. Once again, another late start but the guyz ripped right into ethier set with Love Invinsible as Bob was really coming into his own on the keys. The energy in the room created a steamy funk that wouldn't be lifted until the end of the night when the windows and doors were openned. Positive spawned itself from Love Invisible as the night really started to take off with spearits bouncing around the room. Moving on into People In The Middle, Dave had a nice solo that brought the crowd to thier knees. Every Single Soul was next and featured Michael doing the Beatnig's Nature again towards the end of the song. Stay Human flowed nicely out of Every Single Soul and was one of the last chance for the band to showcase themselves until the next show in S.F on Sept. 7th. Never Too Late, which is becoming a regular, found it's way behind Stay Human where it has been showing up the most lately. Michael then grabs his guitar from Joey the band's tech for the tour and leads the band into Everyone Deserves Music. This song has really come into it's own from the first time it was played and has gone from a 2 1/2 min. song into an 6 to 7 min epic jam. A quick breather and then right into Yes I Will. Michael adding Bob Marley's "Sun Is hinning" lyrics to the end of the song before fading out with "When your lost and alone, that's when the rainbow comes for you". What I Be was next but with Dave starting in with the guitar riff first instead of Bob starting with the keyboard.
Maybe because Bob's keyboard was ounding ill for that song. Sounded pretty cool either way! Good transition into Pray For Grace which is growing on me even though I think it sounds alittle like the melody for the song, "Just The Two Of Us". I do like the wayit flows with and out of What I Be though. Next, another new one for the Tofinians, the power ballad, Love Why Did You Have To Go. Dave helped write the music for this one and you can tell he really has the guitar parts down for this one from beginning to end. From there, The boyz stepped it up a notch with and got the crowd moving alittle faster again with Soulshine to close the set up on a high note. Michael then stops to say that they usually take a break about now but seeing that we don't have much time left, they would just eep playing, unless everyone wanted a break? The Crowd screamed, "NO" and Radio readys himself for some panflute action. After panfluting around abit, Radio does this beatbox blowing, into the mic. Hopefully we'll see more of that in the future cause it was pretty damn cool!
Right into Rock the Nation with Dave putting a little twist into the solo during the bridge. Runfayalife was next and Radio brought the vibes from his beatbox intro with him for this song and freestyles.After settling down from Runfayalife, Feelin' Free was a sweet, feelgood, cool down kindof song to ready us for the last 20 minutes of the night. Michael invited everyone down for the 4th annual 911 PowerTo The Peaceful concert. Michael says, "if you don't think you can make it, ask this lady Suzanne standing in the frontrow who has been traveling to every show this tour in a small white car from Petaluma all the way upto Tofino". After giving it up for Suzanne, Michael sings Bomb The World for the folks of Tofino before starting into Sometimes. One verse into the song Michael stops and says that they ran out of time and the police are sayiny they have to stop. So Michael asks the promoter, Adam, if it is cool to go over the cerfew and he says go for it.
After they finish, Michael thanks the police for letting them go alittle over after introducing the band. A good show and even better tour!


The Aggie Theater, Fort Collins, Co.
It poured heavily through out most of the day which was fine by most people in Colorado since they haven't seen this much rain in quite some time. After Tre' Hardson and his band rock the crowd and warmed them up nicely for Spearhead, Radio came out and hyped the crowd up even more before introducing Spearhead. The guys jammed right into Love Invincible with Dave and Bob sound ever so beautiful with thier latin influences. A quick pause then Carl counts into People In The Middle, reagge style. A pretty standard version with Carl laying down some thick bass. What I Be jumped out next earlier than in the setlist then ever seen before and fit perfectly as a beginning of the set tune. It was played abit slower than usual but grooved smoothly through the transition into Pray For Grace. Radio freestyles and keeps the soldout crowd going with some call backs and beatboxing. Bob then kicks right into the openning chops to Oh My God. After a short version of Oh My God the band continues with the sing-a-long song, "Never Too Late". "Closer To The Sky", another new one, followed and was rather short but still ever so sweet. "Everyone Deserves Music" was alittle slow aswell but picked up speed towards the end to flow perfectly into "Soulshine". Jaque Duskin from Tre's band sat in on percussion which helps alot to round off the sound of this song. A brief stop then jumping into the original version of "Yes I Will". Dave gives us another tremendous performance on his guitar during the middle of the song and Michael chimes in after with some more Marley verses from "Sun Is Shinning". A strong version of "Love Why Did You Have To Go" came next as Manas really brought the song together with his tight beats and powerful fills. Radio added to the intencity with a thunderous beatbox. Every Single Soul suprized us all so late in the set and featured Jaque on percussion again and Tre' came out to flow some poetry and sing some verses of his own over the song. Very nice and for all of you that only know Tre' from his rapping he also has an incredible singing voice. Stay Human would follow and end the set but not before Carl and Radio would play off each other aswell as Bob and Manas dueling it out for abit. Michael would pass the mic to Radio for a freestyle verse while he catches his breathe.This is one of the only times I've heard the band close the set with Every Single Soul> Stay Human and it was a refreshing change that seemed to fit very well! After the crowd quite down, Radio came out and fooled around with his panflutes for awhile before going into the beatbox part of his routine. Radio once again takes the head off the mic and press the rest of the mic against his neck as he beatboxes before introing, Rock The Nation, as the rest of the band comes out to build up the song. They sounded like they slipped some at the end of the song but Michael gets the Manas and the rest of the band to finish the song double time and it sounds like a punk/thrash version to end it. Michael quickly says he was getting back to his puck roots before grabbing his acoustic and leading the band in a mellow version of Feelin' Free. Although this version was mellow, it also seemed to roll on forever. Michael speaks about W's mission to bomb Iraq and how the children of Iraq suffer because of it before singing his anthem, "Bomb The World". Michael sounds like he is about to end the song but then transitions right into the dub version of the song with the rest of the band joinning in and Radio jumping in with his verses. Bob adds some nice piano playing and the band harmonize beautifully towards the end which fits in superbly. Finally, with time running out quickly, Michael asks Dave for some guitar and off into "Sometimes" we go again. Dave and Carl start a funky jam in between the song and Radio continues to keep the vibes going. Jaque comes out and helps out on percussion one more time as Tre' comes out and dances for everybody. Michael adds some more Marley verses as he sings, "One bright morning when my work is over, I will fly away home". The band brings the energy up one more time before finishing the night's events on a extremely high note. Michael thanks everyone for coming out on a cold, wet school night. Another great show with another great sould out crowd!


8150, Vail, Colorado
After a wonderful beginners yoga lesson from Racheal, our personal yoga instructor for Colorado, we all felt like a million bucks or in a less material world, we all felt like a beautiful, fully vibrant rainbow. The 8150 club is called that because it stands eight thousand one hundred and fifty feet above sea level. Althought the floors and walls rocked and bounced as much as if it were on sea level it's self. I mean this place made even Portland's Crystal Ballroom feel sterdy and at times it looked like the wall behind the stage was gonna rip right off the 12" beams helping to hold them up! And not to mention they have to hang the DJ turntables from the ceiling so they don't skip every time someone is dancing or jumping around the dancefloor. Radio comes out quickly to introduces the band before diving right into Soulshine which was a great openner and set the standard for the rest of the night. What Happens Next flowed right out of Soulshine and kept the dance pace up for everyone who wasn't still catching thier breath from the openning song. Michael brings up Jaque again to help the out on percussion. People In The Middle emerged out of the breif silence as Dave really screamed his solo out from beginning to end. The walls had a short break until the guys started back into the music with Runfayalife. Carl would drop the bass into the Skintight jam as Radio takes the mic device and all of us for a ride on the freestylin' highway. After landing back on earth for a minute, Dave would then start back in with the new tune, Love Why Did You Have To Go. Radio would break it down for a minute and beatbox the bass line while the band layed off for a minute before rocking back into the met and potatoes of the song. Michael asks the monitor guy Casey to fix the wedges in front of Dave as Dr. Shul takes his acoustic axe out for the new fan favorite, Never Too Late. The guys rock the beat out for a second to mess around with Queen's, "We will, we will, rock you" before ending the song. This is such a cool tune and I have high hopes that it will be one of the bigger hits on the new album. One more fast monitor modification and then BAM!, right into the supa funky bass line to, What I Be. This song just sound soo dope right from the beginning as Jaque joined in and Dave added some real phat guitar licks around Bob's new keyboarding chimes. Manas held everyone together as he kept a perfect tempo through the whole song and transition to Pray For Grace. Pray For Grace started abit different then the usual version had been played, everyone stopped playing except for Carl who just splattered the place with the sickist bass line and then after acouple of lines he stops and Manas, Carl and Mike all harmonize the openning words, "Why must I feel like this today". Radio later beatboxes acouple of the bass lines with just Manas and Jaque backing him up. Tre' appears and gets alittle call back thing going with the crowd that fires them up into one huge mass. Radio adds some freestyles to help mix it up and then rocks it dancehall stylie before the band goes back into the original groove. The band starts to jam it out and get into this dubby type flow with Michael adding some Marley lyrics. They jump back into the original groove one more time before ending the song. Everyone Deserves Music developed slowly but took flight by the chorus as Manas really thumps on the toms with an echoing vibration. Pretty solid through out until the end where it seemed to fizzzle out abit. The guys blasted into the very funky version of Yes I Will which has only been played a handful of times before, if that. Dave uses this cool new effect on his guitar for his solo and the Michael calls out for drums and bass. They get the flow going while Dave plays a cool little lick over the groove. Then Michael asks Carl to drop the bass line out for a second as Dave, Manas and Jaque rock it out. They bring it all back together and then end it softly. Just as softly as they end the last song, they gently worked into the begininng of Every Single Soul. Dave takes an impressive solo before Tre' comes out to freestyle and sing for the crowd with some call backs to help involve the crowd. Michael starts singing over Tre' with one of Tre's songs, "She keeps passin' me by" and then comes up with his own verse, "But the sun keeps on shinning on me". Michael finally relizes that he doesn't have the voice for that song and so he calls up Dionna from Tre's band the Legend of the Phoniex to help out on vocals. After rocking that out abit they bump right back into Every Single Soul and then transition it right into Stay Human. A pretty version until Radio starts mentioning that there are alot of freaks in here and then start calling out freaks all over the audience as he turns it into a freestyle. The place starts going crazy and all sorts of freaks start coming up on stage and dancing then diving into the crowd. The band finishes the song as things slowly calm down and the band leaves the stage except for Radio who starts in with his flutes and beatboxing solos along with Metallica and Fugees beatbox covers. Radio gives evryone three big breathes before the band takes the stage again for Rock the Nation. The crowd starts rocking along with the walls and Michael once again brings the tempo up at the end of the song and adds lyrics from the old days of Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, "California Uber Alles, California ...Uber Alles". Quick water break and a word about our lovely president shrub and the wondeful job he is doing and then Michael plays his guitar into the beginning lines to Bomb The World. Short and to the point with just enough time to rock out Sometimes befroe cerfew. Keaton Simons from Tre' Hardson band sits in on guitar for a sweet solo and then Carl and Dave take over for abit. Once again the crowd gets alittle nutty and starts jumping on stage and diving into the crowd and many girl could be seen riding the shoulders of friends. All in good fun the guys continue on to rock the joint 'till cerfew. Michael signals to carl to start in with the bass line to Marley's "Crazy Baldheads" and the rest of the band joins in as Mike starts to introduce the band. A excellent show with tons of highlights, definitly keep your eyes out for this juicy recording.



Never Too Late

Bomb The World

Yes I Will

Has Anybody Seen My Mind

Feeling Free





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